Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bowel Basics: Introduction to the Importance of Poo

It's a fact: naturopaths talk a LOT about poo. That's because it's important! If you're seeing an ND and have attempted to leave your bowel habits out of the conversation, don't worry, - your good old ND will bring them right in.
  • Frequency, urgency?
  • Color, consistency, contents?
  • Smell, size, shape?
  • Float or sink, stick or slide, burn or itch?
You get the picture.

"But why do I have to answer all these questions about my poo?", you ask?

It's because having a clear picture of a person's bowel habits (or lack thereof) gives us really good information about how you are digesting and absorbing nutrients, (i.e. the basis of your health!) what foods you may be intolerant to, how stress may be affecting your digestive system, how your liver, pancreas, gall bladder and nervous system are functioning, what microorganisms may be out of balance, what potentially serious conditions you need to be screened for, and more.

So, we've settled that poo is important. If your stool is routinely something other than a formed, 4-8 inch-long, medium brown, slowly-sinking, minimally stinky, regular (1-3 times daily) occurrence, then see your ND and learn more about how to use your stools as a sign of your health status. IT'S TRUE!

Stay tuned for my next posting: how to get unstuck from constipation.

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