Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Support for Integrative Cancer Care

Here is an opportunity to help bring the Canadian Centre for Integrative and Environmental Oncology one step closer to becoming a reality! Cast your vote (up to 10 times on 10 different days!) in the Aviva Community Fund competition for "Holistic Cancer Care for People Who Can't Afford It". We all know people who have been or are currently affected by cancer. Many integrative and natural therapies are emerging and well-backed by research, but are not currently funded by the conventional health care system in Canada. This project, submitted to the funding competition by Dr Dugald Seely ND, aims to raise $100,000 to create a sustainable facility that provides hundreds of people dealing with cancer with the integrative treatments they need, at no financial cost to patients and their families.
View the idea and background details at
Happy voting!

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