Thursday, December 2, 2010

Natural Cancer Care - Vote in the Aviva Community Fund!

Want to see cost-free, integrative cancer care become accessible in Canada?  Vote DAILY for the next 10 days in the Aviva Community Fund Competition for idea #6149, "Whole-Person Cancer Care Regardless of Income"! 
Make your vote count in the bid to win $100K in support of a new, cost-free integrative cancer care centre in Ottawa (our nation's capital will be just the beginning!)  The first of its kind, this centre would make whole-person, complementary cancer care accessible to cancer patients and cancer survivors in Canada who otherwise could not afford these valuable and life-changing health services. What's more, the $100K prize would be MATCHED by the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation AND the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine ( for a total of $300K in funding for a sustainable project that will help people from across Canada. 

For more information about whole-person cancer care regardless of income, click here.
Let's get voting!

-Dr. Liz


Step 1 (If you've already registered before, you don't need to do this again) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER(you will be asked to confirm the registration by email)

Step 2 CLICK HERE FOR "Whole Person Cancer Care Regardless of Income" idea #6149 you can also use the advanced search option and type in "6149" to get to our idea)

Step 3 Bookmark the page and repeat step two every day until you have used up your 10 votes!


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