Friday, January 14, 2011

Homeopathy is Good Medicine

CBC to Critique Homeopathy?

Tonight, CBC Marketplace is set to air "Cure or Con", an apparent investigative journalistic piece that, based on its trailer, aims to discredit homeopathy. This isn't the first - and is unlikely to be the last - media attack on homeopathy, one of the world's most effective, safe and affordable systems of medicine. Trying to make the argument - in 2011 - that homeopathy isn't scientific or evidence-based only reflects ignorance of the massive body of evidence in support of homeopathy. In fact, there is so much evidence, it would probably take one's entire career just to skim over the titles.

The answer to this question is likely a monetary one. No one can patent a homeopathic medicine as  homeopathic remedies are made from substances found in nature. No pharmaceutical giant stands to profit in the billions because homeopathy allows people to heal, thereby eliminating their lifelong dependence on chemical medicines. With homeopathy, less and less of the medicine is needed over time.

It takes years of dedicated study and practice to become a competent homeopath and it is often difficult to understand how homeopathy works. In fact, modern advances in chemical methods and quantum physics are only just beginning to catch up to homeopathy and help us understand how it works. Meanwhile, we know from over 200 years of experience and literally thousands of volumes of published, peer-reviewed, clinical and experimental studies and cases that homeopathy does work. And, it's incredibly safe! And...incredibly cheap! Homeopathy is regulated in many jurisdictions as medical specialty (i.e. only M.D.s can practice it), has never caused a single death, and is about to be fully regulated here in Ontario. In fact, when I think about it, for the CBC to consider homeopathy as it's practiced and regulated in Canada as a potential area for consumer risk is simply dumfounding. (I hope tonight's program will reflect responsible use of taxpayers' mandatory contributions!!)

Keep in mind that the mechanism of action of dozens of commonly-prescribed pharmaceuticals is simply "unknown". This has not stopped governments from licensing them, doctors from prescribing them or people from taking them. Not knowing how a medicine brings about its effect on the body has not held society back from accepting the immense financial costs of producing and purchasing, even stockpiling pharmaceuticals, not to mention the hidden costs of treating serious side effects, environmental contamination, and of human deaths associated with pharmaceutical medicines. 

In a world in which people are sicker, more fatigued, more allergic and more unhappy than ever, why is it so difficult to embrace a safe, effective system of medicine that supports the body's natural ability to heal itself?

I am looking forward to tonight's Marketplace, with the expectation that CBC will present its exploration of homeopathy with journalistic and scientific integrity; will attempt to  convey at least a lay person's understanding of how this system of medicine works; and will reflect on the overwhelming body of evidence in support of it. 

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-Dr. Liz

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